Kelvin Hoefler Takes Third at Tampa Pro 2015!

In terms of skate contests, it doesn’t get any more legitimate than the Tampa Pro contest held at the Skatepark of Tampa. A benchmark for skaters everywhere, this year marks the 21st anniversary of the prestigious event. I use the term “prestigious” in a loose manner, as anyone that has ever seen/visited the contest knows that it is one of the grittiest, raw, and true-to-the-sport events in all of skateboarding. A friend of the family, Kelvin Hoefler, made quite the statement at this years contest. He attacked the course and threw out an array of tricks that earned him third in best trick, third overall, and a ticket to compete in the Street League Skateboarding contests! Subsequently, Ammo Skateboards announced his addition to their team and revealed his new pro board.

Kelvin Hoefler_Welcome to Ammo Skateboards

Here’s Kelvin’s final run that solidified his place:

Kelvin has been making moves in the streets as well. He recently dropped a new part, Green Card, which let the skate industry know that he means business. The video shows his solid style and technical ability as he destroys a variety of rails and gaps, check it out below. We are expecting some big things from Kelvin in the near future, congrats fam’!



Spring Cleaning: Revitalizing Your Brand’s Image

The Spring season is almost here and, for many of us, with that comes an annual Spring cleaning.  Top to bottom, left to right, we clear out the clutter and make room for the fresh and new.  Personal lives aside, can Spring cleaning apply to a brand?  The answer…is YES!  Some companies may need to update their look for a variety of reasons: avoiding a stagnant brand message, revitalizing the corporate image, keeping up with the changes that affect their target audience, and many others.  The process is called rebranding and it is an extremely effective tool for marketing, but also dangerous if done incorrectly.  Here are a few tips for those of you in need, along with examples of some major successes and failures.  We recently found ourselves with a client that needed to rebrand their company.  Cotton Heritage, an international 32 years successful apparel company, approached us with the task of changing their entire identity, beginning with their catalog.  Here’s a peek at the 2015 catalog that we put together for them:

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.27.02 PM

Click the Image Above to View the Cotton Heritage Catalog

Dave Bachinsky Joins the Darkstar Team!

Dave Bachinsky is a close friend of us and our client Manny Santiago.  We had a blast with him at the 2014 Prince of Puerto Rico contest and look forward to more adventures with him in the future.  amaraReps wanted to congratulate him on being added to the Darkstar skate team, as well as give props for this amazing part he just dropped.  Check it out!

Why Should You Be Celebrating IHOP’s National Pancake Day?

Today, March 3, 2015, is International House of Pancakes’ National Pancake Day.  The event started in 2006 as a way to support charities in the communities in which they operate.  To date, IHOP has raised over $16 million dollars – not a bad chunk of change.  This year marks the tenth anniversary of the event and to celebrate the “Decade of Giving,” guests will receive a free short stack of pancakes in return for their donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals or another designated, local charity.

We’ve seen our fair share of “reward for spending” or cause related marketing efforts as of late.  In fact, the amaraReps team has done a few ourselves, we’ve put together campaigns with both Soles 4 Souls and People Water, which created amazing opportunities for the clients (and people) involved.  Tom’s has even taken it so far as to base their entire sales/marketing strategies around the concept.  The great benefit to companies that create these customer rewards campaigns is that they create customer loyalty and increase brand sentiment.  A good experience is likely to create a repeat customer, furthermore giving customers an incentive to choose your company over others will strengthen the bonds that already exist.  Essentially, the customer is asked to invest a dollar today and they can expect to get much more down the road which gives them a feeling that they chose wisely.

Personally, I find it is a great tactic for so many reasons.  In particular, IHOP’s approach of connecting their customer directly to a charitable cause increases their sales and gives them a PR boost at the same time.  Furthermore, any investment in your community is an investment in yourself.  Food for thought… pun intended.

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