Hootsuite Inducts Instagram to their Platform

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Have you heard the news!?  Hootsuite has recently added Instagram to its platform!  Up until now, I could monitor all my brands via Hootsuite, but then had to constantly log in and out of Instagram to post to individual accounts: I also had to set alarms to remind me to post in synch with what I had scheduled on other networks.  Finally, now it is possible to integrate Instagram to my editorial calendar seamlessly (well, almost) along with all other accounts through a centralized hub.  Hootsuite published a few videos and sent out a quick start guide to give everyone a head start.  The process is relatively the same as other social media tools, with a few minor differences.  Check out the videos below and I’ll give you the takeaway points.

Posting in Instagram



Managing Your Accounts



When posting to Instagram there are a few nuances that are noticeable, some will get addressed as Hootsuite gets feedback on this feature.  The process is a bit lengthier and bothersome, but it’s better than nothing I must admit.  

Let’s go over the details:

  • Make sure to set up your Instagram account in Hootsuite, download the Hootsuite app on your phone or tablet as prompted (or update to the latest version) and enable ‘set up publishing now.’
  • Compose the post within Hootsuite online via computer – Write the content as usual, adding hashtags, and attach the image.
  • Click ‘send now’ or schedule the post for a later time/date.
  • You will receive a push notification on your phone at the time you planned to post, open it and inspect your post for quality/clarity.
  • If you manage multiple accounts, as I do, make sure you are logged in to the correct Instagram account before you proceed!
  • When you are satisfied, tap ‘open in Instagram’, the verbiage will be copied to your clipboard and the image will be opened in your Instagram app.
  • Filter the image (if necessary), then double tap in the content area and hit paste to insert your verbiage. NOTE: At this stage, you can still edit the content you wrote if needed.
  • Share!

My takeaways from this Hootsuite update:


  • Easy to plan ahead/schedule posts in synch with your other social platforms
  • The ability to set up search streams for hashtags/locations/etc to listen to activity in your community/from your audience.
  • Easily respond to comments and amplify content to other social streams from one place.
  • Easy break down all content you wish to monitor by adding as few/many streams as you wish.
  • Keep tabs on those you follow and who follows you.
  • Add third party apps to help monitor and garner content/followers.


  • Posting must be done through the Instagram app – Essentially this adds more steps to the process but spares you from creating your own solutions.
  • Logging in/out of different accounts – Although it seems minor, as you manage more clients it is a hassle to constantly log in to different profiles.  Not to mention the anxiety of posting content to the wrong Instagram!
  • Push notifications – I deny almost all push notifications that come to my phone, which is a personal choice as I can’t stand them.  However in this case they are helpful so you do not have to remember all your different posts and their coinciding post times.


Overall, Hootsuite’s addition of Instagram is a great asset to your social media arsenal, allowing you to organize, post and moderate from a centralized hub.  The cons are mostly unavoidable with or without the app and far outweighed by the benefits.  It is time efficient and, because of its adaptability to filter content, it is also more effective.  There are multiple platforms that serve the same purpose as Hootsuite, I simply advocate for them over the others because their organization process fits my needs.  Regardless of your choice I highly recommend you learn to use one, it will help take your social media to the next level while saving you from the migraine of managing multiple accounts individually and reactionary social content swarming through your brain.