Re-branding: Depend® Takes It Down To the Skivvies

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Judging by the amount of time and money (a reported $2 million to spokeswoman Lisa Rinna) Depend® has spent on re-branding themselves this last year, they must have decided it was time to recreate themselves. They did so with a great amount of enthusiasm as they started their “Drop Your Pants” campaign around July of 2014.

Essential to the campaign is a new way of looking at their product, wearable adult incontinence solutions. These “adult diapers” are the thing of over-the-hill parties and gag gifts meant as a not-so-subtle joke. Our reaction to them only perpetuates the embarrassment that people feel when they make a purchase of these products. That’s why the “Drop Your Pants” campaign battle cry is #NoBigDeal.

Whether or not this is a slogan that will work, the people at Depend® are sweetening the campaign with a little PR twist. They are diligently cranking out shareable content for social media and have made a promise to donate $1 per social share of their content with the hashtag #DropYourPants or #Underwearness. To date their website says they have reached over a million shares.

What do you think about this? What would you do differently?