Why Create a Social Media Strategy?

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Social media is this new interesting dragon that both new and existing businesses have to confront. Learning how to train your dragon can be not only fun, it can be useful. Here are 3 reasons to create a social media strategy.


  1. Continuity – A social media strategy is your company’s manual for everything social media. Should I post this? Look in the manual. How do I deal with complaints? Look in the manual. No matter who is in charge of social media, you can ensure that what you want put out there is inline with company policy.


  1. Focus – What is the point of your social media? Some companies use it strictly for customer service; some use it as virtual R&D. By having your intent clear, your clientele will know the best way to be heard and how to connect with your company. Not every business will need a Facebook presence or a Pinterest board, however, you need to know why you do need certain platforms.


  1. Measurement – Where are you interacting with your clients the most? What is the level of engagement, or more importantly, how many sales are you creating from your different social media platforms. It’s great to have social media up and running, but metrics are needed to know what people are attracted to and if you’ve achieved your goals.


Creating a social media strategy is a necessity when it comes to making tangible results in your business if you are using social media. This roadmap helps companies large and small create results, ease the burden of training new hires and sets your business up for success.


For more information on what a social media strategy can do for you, email us at hello@amaraREPS.com to get a free strategy guide.