Facebook Ads Have Evolved, So Should Your Strategy if You Want to Win

When I heard that the cost of Facebook Ads had gone up 171% in 2017, I knew that I had to do something to help out my fellow entrepreneurs.

Here’s what’s happening… in a nutshell:

  • There’s a war over cold traffic (people who have never seen or heard of your brand). Big brands are spending a lot of money on broad targeting to build their audiences so that they can remarket to those audiences at a lower cost, including using Facebook Ads (more on that later).
  • Inexperienced advertisers are improperly targeting Facebook ads and guessing which audiences are most likely to convert (i.e. to get them to purchase their offers). There is a much more effective way of doing this.
  • People aren’t using the proper tools and ad objectives to properly optimize their Facebook ads. That leads to ads that are trying to accomplish too many goals at one time. Like, trying to increase their audience (Facebook page likes), getting people to engage, and getting people to purchase all at the same time. WHEW… that’s a lot for one ad to accomplish. This used to be possible (like 5+ years ago), but now the game has changed entirely.

Facebook Organic Reach Just Isn’t What it Used to Be

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10 Reasons to Keep Your LinkedIn Account Up-to-Date

LinkedIn is one of my favorite social networks. Why? Because it is a professional network. For this reason, you need to stop what you’re doing and address these 10 things. The most common issue that I find is that people tend to not pay attention to and/or update their profiles until they are looking for employment. Any novice user of LinkedIn knows that this is bad form and that it is a best practice to keep your LinkedIn fresh and up to date, even for your company, like we do.
  1. Update your current position & job description
     If your current position is up to date, take a few moments to update your job description. Be sure to highlight your key responsibilities, and brag about any major accomplishments during your tenure. Don’t be shy, but keep it professional. Spruce up your prior work experience and tailor it so that it is relevant to your current career goals. Even if you aren’t looking for new opportunities, there are recruiters constantly looking for candidates, and its great to see what options you have when you compare yourself to others within your space.

  2. Update your picture
    Putting a current picture on your profile will increase the likelihood of being recognized by previous colleagues. If you don’t have one, maybe its time to take some! Make a note, and update it as soon as possible. Your colleagues would love to see that update in their feed. 
  3. Connect with 10 people
    LinkedIn isn’t a popularity contest, unlike some social networks that shall remain nameless. With that being said, it’s not necessarily about the number of contacts you have. In fact, after you have 500 connections, your profile displays a modest “500+” to show that you are well connected. What IS important about having a number of connections, is your ability to expand your network based on your degrees of separation. For example, if you are looking to connect with someone at your dream company in the future, and you have connections with someone that has a direct relationship with that person already, you can ask for a warm intro, a recommendation, or if you are lucky, you may get an endorsement for one of your skills. Also, people move around, so you never know when one of your connections will become a much-needed asset for a project or to help leverage a big opportunity. 
  4. Endorse 10 people for skills that you know that they posses
    It feels great to get an endorsement, so pay it forward and make someone else’s day. This is one of those random acts that always has a way of coming back to benefit you many times over; you might as well do it today, and every time you login. 
  5. Write a Recommendation
     It feels like CHRISTMAS when I get a recommendation, so once again, pay it forward, and give someone an honest and thoughtful recommendation. You never know, you may get one in return. The more people that can say great things about you, and your work, the better your profile will look. This is especially true if you get a recommendation from a high profile and well-respected figure within your professional space. 
  6. Share a post from the Pulse
    The Pulse is awesome, yet somewhat addicting. I’m grateful that the Pulse content is mostly separate from your main feed, or else I would probably get stuck reading awesome content from various companies and thought leaders around the world for hours. Share a post on your personal feed. This shows that you are engaged within the platform and it shows more of your personality. You may otherwise feel your presence on this platform is under-whelming since LinkedIn is pretty much devoid of any opportunity to customize your profile visually and/or out of the context of your work experience. So share something, in fact, share a few “somethings” when you feel compelled to do so or have ideas that are too good to keep to yourself. 
  7. Add some Media to Your Profile
    You can now add SlideShare presentations to your profile. This is one of the newer features to LinkedIn that I personally love that enables you to post images, videos, and links or upload white papers and case studies that you’ve put together. Trust me, you’ll thank me later when you aren’t having to scramble to find relevant examples of your work. Show your stuff, and give your best work a home on your LinkedIn page. NOTE: Make sure you have permission from your company to share these items! 
  8. Update your miscellaneous information
    Do you have any special certifications? Affiliations to organizations? Honors or awards? Do you support any causes or volunteer? There’s a place on LinkedIn to shed a little light on these extra-curriculars. These areas tend to get overlooked by people, however, companies love seeing the philanthropic side of potential candidates, and the various additional information that LinkedIn provides fields for. 
  9. Follow a few companies
    Your dream company is most likely active on LinkedIn. Follow them, as they may post job openings and inside news. Their posts are consistent with their personality and their inner culture. So get to know them and compare them with other companies that are similar. 
  10. Schedule an hour in your calendar 1-2 months out. Wash-Rinse-Repeat. 
    Pick a day, and time, and spend an hour or two once every month or two at minimum. There are so many social networks, however, this one matters more than you think and with the proper maintenance, you could be proactively preparing yourself for your next biggest opportunity. People are watching you. Don’t believe me? Check the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section.

Tweet, Google or Die

I started out in Marketing when this new-fangled platform, Facebook, began to arm wrestle with MySpace for market share of what would become known as the millennial. Today, many of the brands we work with in the fashion, music, food, sports and entertainment industries are chasing after this core group of consumers seen as the “next” baby boomers by the Pew Reasearch Center.  With nearly daily changes in the social media sphere, what do you need to know at a glance to keep up?  I’m about to tell you.


That’s right, even my advice will become out-dated and that’s why I make it a habit to constantly research what’s trending, changing and updating. Having said that, here are my findings this week.


This elusive network has changed since it went online in 2006. In my opinion, their 2014 move to beef up their in-app photo sharing to include multiple image uploading and friend tagging was made to keep them from losing market share to the titans of image sharing: Facebook and Instagram.  Now, they are going after video (even though they already own Vine) and I think it’s a SMART move. WHY? I personally believe that Twitter is the best place to go when you want to be low-pro. Millenials in particular are looking for a place where they can hide from their family and employers to be themselves without restriction. This network is like the new “burner phone” because now that they can get all their needs met on this network, they may start to rely on it over Facebook. Instagram’s fluid posting to Twitter also makes it desirable.

What does this mean for brands? If, as Twitter reports, there are 288 million monthly active users on this network and there are 500 million tweets sent per day, you could reasonably assume that their users are checking in to the app almost twice a day (PS. they report 80% of active users engage on mobile). With the add-on of video services, I would predict that this number goes up and the app becomes more attractive to that generation. This is a network to keep investing content in.


So, having just taken the reigns of the social media platform Google+, Bradley Horowitz somewhat hinted at changes to the tangly, underused network that every Gmail user is instantly and irrevocably signed up for. I have always disliked this facet of Google+ most. The execs at Google, as we know, want to know everything about us and are using your Google+ account as a universal tracking code of sorts to gain insight into YOU. In doing so, they made it compulsory to have a Google+ account which falsely inflates the “profile” of their network. In addition, they tried to make certain ‘signature’ differences such as using the “+1” term to replace “like” and the “+” prefix to a tag instead of the “#” that we were all used to. It seems as though their plan is to demystify the user experience for Google+ (including Hangouts) and spruce up what they are now calling “Google Photos and Streams.”

So what? I don’t know yet! They are doleing out information and updates little by little but I’m not sure what can save this platform which was a latecomer in social media and has more users than we probably know what to do with. Actually, with user names in the estimated of billions and only 540 million active users, it seems they are trying to figure out what to do with us also. One thing is for sure, don’t count them out because they aren’t going down without a fight and since they aren’t tSocialhe IT girl yet they have the most room for growth.


Photo from Pixabay.com

Why Create a Social Media Strategy?

Social media is this new interesting dragon that both new and existing businesses have to confront. Learning how to train your dragon can be not only fun, it can be useful. Here are 3 reasons to create a social media strategy.


  1. Continuity – A social media strategy is your company’s manual for everything social media. Should I post this? Look in the manual. How do I deal with complaints? Look in the manual. No matter who is in charge of social media, you can ensure that what you want put out there is inline with company policy.


  1. Focus – What is the point of your social media? Some companies use it strictly for customer service; some use it as virtual R&D. By having your intent clear, your clientele will know the best way to be heard and how to connect with your company. Not every business will need a Facebook presence or a Pinterest board, however, you need to know why you do need certain platforms.


  1. Measurement – Where are you interacting with your clients the most? What is the level of engagement, or more importantly, how many sales are you creating from your different social media platforms. It’s great to have social media up and running, but metrics are needed to know what people are attracted to and if you’ve achieved your goals.


Creating a social media strategy is a necessity when it comes to making tangible results in your business if you are using social media. This roadmap helps companies large and small create results, ease the burden of training new hires and sets your business up for success.


For more information on what a social media strategy can do for you, email us at hello@amaraREPS.com to get a free strategy guide.

Content Marketing: A Lesson From Some Heavy Hitters

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