La Devise Video

La Devise featured our founder, Amara Omoregie, at the 2014 Agenda Tradeshow in a video where she discusses amaraREPS client Rastaclat.  Amara discusses the brand, past and current collaborations, and the upcoming spring collection.

Long Beach Post Interview

The Long Beach Post did a recent story covering the past, present, and future of the Long Beach based Agenda Tradeshow. Our very own Lexi Zavouris (formerly Lexi Amparan) was interviewed about the event and amaraREPS client Rastaclat.

Literacy in Vision Event

The Literacy in Vision (LIV) board members, including our CEO Amara Omoregie, were featured on for an event they hosted at the Landmark Steakhouse. The “LIV-OC: Landmark Steakhouse Social” helped to raise awareness for the Literacy Project Foundation (LPF) and donated proceeds to students at the Sunkist Elementary School who recently graduated from LPF’s 10-week literacy program.

The Examiner – Tire Recycling Event

The Examiner covered a recycling event where Amara Omoregie acted as program manager, held in the Antelope Valley the goal was to recycle tires and rims from cars, light trucks, and SUV’s.  The prior year, 97 tons of tires were collected and the amaraREPS CEO anticipated this event brought even more in.  The recycling events are held twice a year in different locations throughout Los Angeles County.

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