A Few Basics When Creating a Wikipedia Page

Whether you are researching a topic for a pitch, checking the details of a potential client, or just plain curious about a subject, Wikipedia is undoubtedly one of your top resources for information.  That being said, have you ever created or contributed to one?  When you think about it, having the know-how to design such a major asset for a client can be a huge win for them and your team.  Creating a Wikiedia page can be quite the task, especially considering the how-to that they provide.  Not that they aren’t informative, but WOW the amount of rules and regulations can be quite daunting.  There can be pressure to make sure a client is represented in a positive light, however you also must be honest and informative.  Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  1. First, if you want to contribute to Wikipedia you must create a profile.  It’s super easy and anyone can do it.  It’s the standard profile you would create on almost any other site.
  2. The number one rule of thumb within Wikipedia is to contribute true and referenced information.  Basically meaning any and all info you put up there must be verified elsewhere.
  3. Information presented cannot be praiseful, only factual.  Meaning if you want to write something in a positive manner you will have to get a bit creative, but that’s why you’re in marketing right?!  Here’s an example:

    UNACCEPTABLE: “John Doe’s website is amazing and he is the best at promoting himself as an artist.”

    ACCEPTABLE: “Doe has turned his moniker and website, “John Doe,” into a brand in itself.”

  4. When creating an article about a person, refer to them in a professional manner.  For the most part, this means addressing them by their last name:

    UNACCEPTABLE: “John is currently the highest grossing artist in the nation.”

    ACCEPTABLE “Doe is currently the highest grossing artist in the nation.”

  5. Use quotes!  The best way to add that extra bit of zing to an article is to add quotes from notable sources to share a clients accomplishments.
  6. Reference/contribute to other articles BEFORE creating one.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for creativity and blazing your own path, but in this case there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.  Look at the formatting, context, and content of other, well-established Wiki’s and take notes.  Better yet, do some research and add to those pages!
  7. DO NOT advertise or promote a business/client.  Remember, this is solely an informative site, not a place to sell.  This may be a bit confusing as isn’t that your job as a marketer?  Perhaps, but creating a relevant Wikipedia page that will last is doing just that: informing people on a topic of importance and interest.  If you put up a juiced up sales pitch that has no business being there, it will be taken down soon anyway and your credibility may go along with it.
  8. Reference everything!  Yes I said this in bullet point number two, however it is so important that I’m putting it twice.  Any accomplishments, quotes, contributions, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING must be referenced.  This is what will give your Wiki credibility and keep it established.

These are just a few basic tips to get you started, there is A LOT more to go through, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you right off the bat (follow up post?).  Wikipedia states that you should not write about friends, a website, or basically topics you are particularly close to.  The idea behind this is that you may not present information in a neutral manner, I believe that as long as you can stick to their rules then go for it!  Bottom line…Wikipedia is an amazing tool where everyone goes for information, so why not play a part in creating another asset for your client?  Good luck!

Welcome to the Family!

amaraREPS is proud to announce our new client, Essence of Money.

Essence of Money was founded in September 2012 by Ritu Hasan.  Ms. Hasan has been able to combine her extensive background in energy healing and banking/ financial law to provide her clients with clear focus and solutions when it comes to their finances. A devoted fan of personal development, Ms. Hasan has a huge drive to give back and allow her clients to not only change their perspective toward finances, but to allow them to create the abundance that they deserve.



Check out Essence of Money on the interwebs!


Make a Mission Statement That Describes YOU, Not Your Competition

Within the 1000’s of mission statements that I have read over the years, I found a common thread in the structure of the majority: buzzwords and white noise.  Unfortunately for them and perhaps fortunately for you, too many companies utilize a mix of meaningless hype words to get their point across.  When reviewing your mission statement, ask yourself, does it distinguish you in any way from your competition, or could they be using the exact same statement?  If the answer is yes, then you may want to take another stab at it.

My approach to reading/constructing a mission statement is simple: does this inspire me?  Guy Kawasaki made the statement:

I give up trying to get people to create short, different, and meaningful mission statements, so go ahead and spend the $25,000 for the offsite, facilitator, and consultants to create one. However, you should also create a mantra for your organization. A mantra is three or four words long. Tops. Its purpose is to help employees truly understand why the organization exists.

For the most part I agree with him, however I feel that the mission statement is inherently valuable and can be constructed to inspire as the mantra does.  Anyone can check the Wikipedia definition of a mission statement to see what to cook up, I’m here to tell you the flavors to add:

  • Who, what why: We are a Fortune 500 Company… blah blah blah.  Sorry to break it to you, but nobody cares.  GIVE people a reason to care, not a company profile. Baring your heart and soul for people to see is the only way to truly connect.  Remember the who, what, and why of WHAT MOTIVATED YOU to take that first step in creating a company.
  • Concise but informative: It’s 2015, attention spans are short and pulled in every which direction.  Three words to help with this: EDIT, EDIT, EDIT.  In my experience cutting down the verbiage and editing will always yield a better result.
  • Excitement!: Make your statement something you can be excited about!  If you were at a party and you introduced your company as a friend, would they be the life of the party or sitting alone in the corner?
  • CREATIVE: Bottom line, each and every company is founded in some form of creativity.  Even the stock accounting firm was started by a person with a vision.  Bring that vision to life in the eyes of your audience.
  • Honesty: Remember to stay true to yourself and your ideals.  Any fabrications will soon be brought to light.

In the end, you need to stand apart from your competition.  You may provide the best product/services around, but your target audience needs to stay and look around for a bit before they take that leap: give them a reason to.

Agenda, Long Beach Served It In 2015

20140106_rastaclat_agendaLBOur client, Rastaclat, was featured on the Transworld Business re-cap of the event.  amaraREPS Account Executive, Cheryl Sutherland, far left, and founder, Amara Omoregie, middle, were there to support the team!

Well this year’s Agenda Tradeshow, in Long Beach, was AMAZING.  For my first foray into a lifestyle fashion trade show, I was definitely not disappointed.  The creative energy was fantastic and the fashion show, put on by the multitude of people attending, was beyond entertaining.  If I had just won the lotto, this would be the worst place to go.  My only safety net was that the brands were merely previewing their 2015 lines and only select items were for sale.

20140106_rastaclat_agendaLB2My awesome notebook and iPhone case from Denik

My favorite aspect of the show was the level of imagination demonstrated in the products.  The amount of braincells burnt to create unique displays to draw buyers, distributors and potential collaborators in was huge. This year they added a women’s section which was super cool, not only for women’s surfware and accessories, but also for emerging women’s sportswear brands.

20140106_rastaclat_agendaLB3Travis Barker getting fresh tattoos

The amount of celebrities coming through didn’t hurt my overall experience either.  Travis Barker was there to support his brand, Famous Stars and Straps, and he had an Ink Master type situation happening at the booth as he was being tattooed by two artists at the same time.  I also loved the impromptu skateshow that happened over by the Ammo booth, all the gold teeth shining from the mouths of rappers, as well as the abundance of skaters, and brand ambassadors from all over the world. This is a non-negotiable event for anyone in the fashion or lifestyle industries, and I’ll definitely be back.

amaraREPS Invades Puerto Rico!

Professional skateboarder Manny Santiago has been running his own contest in Puerto Rico for the last three years.  The amount of work is astonishing, let alone the fact that the majority of the funding for the event has come out of Santiago’s own pocket.  His attitude towards the project has always been from a place of positivity and humility, he stated;

“I’m just happy everyone was hyped, if anyone is in the situation where they can help then they should.”

For the fourth anniversary of the Prince of Puerto Rico contest, Manny had the amaraREPS team backing him the whole way.  This collaborative effort led to a few simple,  yet crucial mission points:

  • To promote the growth of skateboarding in Puerto Rico
  • To provide the community with a family friendly event
  • To shine a spotlight on health + fitness
  • To encourage friendship through skateboarding
  • To increase brand awareness in a positive light for all participating sponsors

With our goals clearly defined, we boarded the plane and were off on another adventure!  Here’s some photos that we were able to catch during the trip.


Manny + co being filmed for the series “Live & Learn


A small peek of the product brought for the kids of Puerto Rico


Jordan Hoffart out on a night mission in the streets of Puerto Rico


Memorabilia from past trips by Manny and other skaters


Manny hanging with some of the kids from the Boys and Girls Club


The crew building a new ramp for the kids. S/O to OCRamps for making the donation!


Fico with a kickflip crook


Salt and Pepper enjoying the wildlife


Dave Bachinsky hitching a ride


The Boys and Girls Club gave us a taste of the real Puerto Rico!


MSA showing dedication to his Prince of Pureto Rico contest


The result!


Dave B hardflipping at a demo with media in full effect


Jordan throwing out a heelflip late shove it!


Chaz Ortiz locking into a front blunt


Manny’s frontside flip was a fan favorite

Groupdemo_BW copy

Pro skaters Felix Arguelles, Jordan Hoffart, Dave Bachinsky, Chaz Ortiz, and Manny Santiago


Jordan and Felix mid judging at the 2014 Prince of Puerto Rico contest


Trophies and prizes for the winners!


Manny always makes time for the fans

All in all it was an amazing time and provided us an opportunity to do something positive for a community and a client.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming episodes of “Live & Learn” and find out who was crowned Prince of Puerto Rico!  Stay Superb!




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