Kelvin Hoefler Takes Third at Tampa Pro 2015!

In terms of skate contests, it doesn’t get any more legitimate than the Tampa Pro contest held at the Skatepark of Tampa. A benchmark for skaters everywhere, this year marks the 21st anniversary of the prestigious event. I use the term “prestigious” in a loose manner, as anyone that has ever seen/visited the contest knows that it is one of the grittiest, raw, and true-to-the-sport events in all of skateboarding. A friend of the family, Kelvin Hoefler, made quite the statement at this years contest. He attacked the course and threw out an array of tricks that earned him third in best trick, third overall, and a ticket to compete in the Street League Skateboarding contests! Subsequently, Ammo Skateboards announced his addition to their team and revealed his new pro board.

Kelvin Hoefler_Welcome to Ammo Skateboards

Here’s Kelvin’s final run that solidified his place:

Kelvin has been making moves in the streets as well. He recently dropped a new part, Green Card, which let the skate industry know that he means business. The video shows his solid style and technical ability as he destroys a variety of rails and gaps, check it out below. We are expecting some big things from Kelvin in the near future, congrats fam’!



Dave Bachinsky Joins the Darkstar Team!

Dave Bachinsky is a close friend of us and our client Manny Santiago.  We had a blast with him at the 2014 Prince of Puerto Rico contest and look forward to more adventures with him in the future.  amaraReps wanted to congratulate him on being added to the Darkstar skate team, as well as give props for this amazing part he just dropped.  Check it out!

The Second Episode of Manny Santiago’s “Live & Learn” is Here!

Check out the latest installment from professional skateboarder Manny Santiago + co as they continue their adventures through Puerto Rico.  Once again, your favorite PR team is in the mix!

We Make an Appearance in the Latest Episode of Manny Santiago’s “Live & Learn”

Our client and friend, Manny Santiago, is always on the move.  His newest episode of Live & Learn follows Manny + Co as they travel to Puerto Rico to prepare for their upcoming Prince of Puerto Rico contest.  Keep a close eye as your favorite PR team makes a cameo!

amaraREPS Invades Puerto Rico!

Professional skateboarder Manny Santiago has been running his own contest in Puerto Rico for the last three years.  The amount of work is astonishing, let alone the fact that the majority of the funding for the event has come out of Santiago’s own pocket.  His attitude towards the project has always been from a place of positivity and humility, he stated;

“I’m just happy everyone was hyped, if anyone is in the situation where they can help then they should.”

For the fourth anniversary of the Prince of Puerto Rico contest, Manny had the amaraREPS team backing him the whole way.  This collaborative effort led to a few simple,  yet crucial mission points:

  • To promote the growth of skateboarding in Puerto Rico
  • To provide the community with a family friendly event
  • To shine a spotlight on health + fitness
  • To encourage friendship through skateboarding
  • To increase brand awareness in a positive light for all participating sponsors

With our goals clearly defined, we boarded the plane and were off on another adventure!  Here’s some photos that we were able to catch during the trip.


Manny + co being filmed for the series “Live & Learn


A small peek of the product brought for the kids of Puerto Rico


Jordan Hoffart out on a night mission in the streets of Puerto Rico


Memorabilia from past trips by Manny and other skaters


Manny hanging with some of the kids from the Boys and Girls Club


The crew building a new ramp for the kids. S/O to OCRamps for making the donation!


Fico with a kickflip crook


Salt and Pepper enjoying the wildlife


Dave Bachinsky hitching a ride


The Boys and Girls Club gave us a taste of the real Puerto Rico!


MSA showing dedication to his Prince of Pureto Rico contest


The result!


Dave B hardflipping at a demo with media in full effect


Jordan throwing out a heelflip late shove it!


Chaz Ortiz locking into a front blunt


Manny’s frontside flip was a fan favorite

Groupdemo_BW copy

Pro skaters Felix Arguelles, Jordan Hoffart, Dave Bachinsky, Chaz Ortiz, and Manny Santiago


Jordan and Felix mid judging at the 2014 Prince of Puerto Rico contest


Trophies and prizes for the winners!


Manny always makes time for the fans

All in all it was an amazing time and provided us an opportunity to do something positive for a community and a client.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming episodes of “Live & Learn” and find out who was crowned Prince of Puerto Rico!  Stay Superb!




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