Festival Time!

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Are you taking advantage of the major events occurring within your demographic?  Sure, not all of us can sponsor festivals or run major campaigns that connect with these gatherings.  However, it doesn’t take much to run a smaller sized campaign to be a part of these huge opportunities.  Take a look at these attendance numbers from 9 unique events from last year:





The point being, with so many attendees posting, blogging, and tweeting there is quite the incentive to piggyback on the exposure.  The question is how do you get involved?  The answer: the possibilities are endless!

  • Contests – Reward your following with prizes ranging from products, to tickets to the event itself. The cost of giving away tickets is “returned” with priceless buzz (and you likely have a fan for life).
  • Joining a conversation – Using #Lollapalooza, #SXSW, etc in your social media content can get your brand in front of eyes that may never have known about you otherwise.
  • Attend the event – You can create genuine content that is a mix of guerrilla marketing and social media, the result…GOLD!

Remember that a small ripple can turn into a big wake if you aim it just right.  Get creative with your campaigns, have a genuine approach, and in the end you’ll learn more about your target demographic.  Good luck!