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Working with preschoolers as a school psychologist, Shannon Ellis gets to see the day-to-day behavior of students, good and challenging.  There are different ways that professionals and parents can attempt to curb undesired behavior exhibited by the children in their care. As an advisor on these tough subjects, Shannon has created Sunshine Preschool Adventures to help teachers, parents and children make great choices in behavior.

Her first book, Victoria’s Glowstick, was written to reinforce to children that sharing is fun. Victoria’s Glow stick has been reviewed as “ a great read for new parents” and one reader said “[this book] will also do a great job in exposing young children to cultural diversity through the characters in the story.” A Howard University grad, Shannon chose us to create her first website which she sees as a great resource for those looking for more information on “Victoria’s Glow Stick,” her upcoming books and speaking events!

See her reviews or purchase her book on Amazon and stay tuned for more by Shannon at!